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Bridgit Africa in Kenya

Bridgit Africa is proud to announce its appointment of the Project Management Office implementation for Weld-Con in Mombasa, Kenya.

Its an honour to be part of Weld-Con a progressive company with it’s project management and engineering capabilities spread across the African continent.

Bridgit Africa turns 5!

It's our company's fifth anniversary and we're really proud of our achievement.

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Staff Predicting FIFA 2018 Winner

Some healthy competition in your company never killed anyone. We asked some of our staff to give us there predication of who is going to win the FIFA 2018.


Let see who wins:

   - Bernardine       

   - Brandon           

   - Jessica               

   - Kevin                 

   - Letta                  

   - Louchelle          

   - Tyrone               

   - Yolandi              









Bronson runs marathon for new prosthetic leg

Bronson Friedman is a Financial adviser and decided that he will run the comrades marathon, to raise money for a new prosthetic leg.

The current leg Bronson is tired and worn out and has probably done many comrades marathons in distance travelled overs its life span.

A new leg cost R480,000.00 (that is more than most cars these days)

Bridgit Africa donate some money towards his new leg.

New World Champion - Hekkie Budler

Hekkie Budler has won more championship belts than any other South African fighter.


He is also the first and only South African to be recognized as a "super" champion.

Hekkie has the following belts:

  • Unified - World Boxing Association Light Flyweight Super World Champion

  • International Boxing Federation Light Flyweight World Champion;

  • The Ring Light Flyweight World Champion

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