•  Bridgit Africa is Proud to announce it's latest Earned Value Desktop Board Game "Under Surveillance" 

  • The Board Game has been designed for Trainers, Facilitators and Project Managers as a Training and Coaching tool. The Board Game is for sale at an introductory offer of $US 59. See the Board Game being played below. 

"In one Really Smart Dashboard, can Change your Project Life"

Apply your Teams Combined Colored Brains for 30% of Project Improvement 

We specialize in Project Management Software Development and Supporting Consulting and Provide our Customers with "I can sleep tonight" Comfort. We have a Wealth of Project Management Software and Consulting Experience and a Wealth of Expertise, to Contribute to any Business's Strategic and Project success.


Founded by Kevin in’t Veld, CEO of Bridgit Africa (Pty) Ltd, Executive Director of  Fundisani (Pty) Ltd and built on his passion for “The User Experience” and “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication” we Have Created a Very Unique Service Offering to our Clients.

Bridgit Africa (Pty) Ltd develops unparalleled Project Management solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We have 4 sub-subsidiary companies allowing us to provide holistic Project Management services. By working together the group is able to empower clients to deliver their projects in a professional manner.

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